Website Streamlined


Website Streamlined

In the interest of a more streamlined experience on the website coupled with a future crowdfunding campaign and a series of new builds on the horizon, we have made some adjustments to the website.  These adjustments include:


  • We will not be accepting any new backers for the moment.  This is partially due to some technical issues we need to resolve, and also to prepare for the eventual campaign.  This does not affect any backers currently.
  • Sidebar formatted to show login/users online first, and then our weekly INSpiration From stream.
  • Disabled the WooCommerce backend which should increase performance.
  • Backend theme will be updated shortly (Mike will be handling that by end of next week).
  • Chat removed from the menu.  Room hasn’t been used in over a year.  We will be adding a new browser/app approach to handle chat for both our community and backers.  More on that soon.


  • Disabled Developer Build area as we are using Steam keys now.  Changelog is posted within the backer forums.
  • Disabled Developer Feed area temporarily as we have shifted our production system and need to look into an approach that works with it.

Now as mentioned above, we are in the process of getting a series of builds out to our backers.  As we’ve disabled the backer program, we are going to start having more movies and screenshots available along with more streams within the latest build.  The tentative roadmap is as follows:


  • We are finalizing a series of features including:  planetary simulation (supporting all entities in all cultures throughout the entire planet face), base AI (behavior trees and pathfinding for all entities near the player), town generation (towns adjusted to use a proper height again, and the ability to recognize where buildings/roads are which is used by the AI), terrain generation (adjusted to support the new simulation system, reduce memory usage to 0 except when building a chunk, write out information such as resources available and climate changes to new “cells” which are similar to regions in Minecraft and allow chunks to be adjusted over time, and support from long range terrain from LOD models), cameras (expansion of first person camera to 3rd person, isometric, and top down cameras used in RTS/Sim modes), and UI (main menus completed, inventory completed, base HUD completed, handful of other features plugged in as the assets are finalized).
  • September 30th is an internal milestone looking at where the build is currently standing.  The above changes should be implemented and pushed to Steam by then.
  • October 26th is a second internal milestone we are aiming for related to IGF (Independent Games Festival – and whether the build is far enough along in regards to all other features to submit.  We will be getting our backers involved with this decision.  If we as a team (including backers) are confident that we have all features represented (at least in a very rough but playable state), then we will move forward with submission and continue pushing updates throughout the judging process.
  • If we do not have enough completed, the November 31st is the third internal milestone for progress.  At this point, we should be approaching a proper prototype that has all features implemented and working appropriately.  A good portion of the assets should be implemented.
  • If we were picked up and seeming to make progress in judging enough to potentially become a finalist, we will be focusing on polishing all functionality prior to the festival in March.  From there, we’d look to try and win IGF and put the funds towards getting the build to a proper state for Steam launch.  We’d also begin a crowdfunding campaign right after to cover the first year in order to get the team properly focused on this without interruptions (which has slowed production down immensely this past year).
  • If we are not picked, we would be looking at the same campaign in February.
  • Assuming we can be successful with funding, we would expect an early access launch by the end of the summer in 2016.  If we are not successful, we would be looking at an early access launch by the end of 2016.

More to come very soon!

– The Imagine Nations Team


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    In the interest of a more streamlined experience on the website coupled with a future crowdfunding campaign and a series of new builds on the horizon,
    [See the full post at: Website Streamlined]

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    Glad to see more updates on progress

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