Upcoming Imagine Nations Build v.061


Upcoming Imagine Nations Build v.061

The v.061 build is just around the corner, and will look to finally shape Imagine Nations into the foundation of a “game” with the creative elements realized.  This build will be adding the following features:

  • Inventory system implemented.  Hitting “I” (default keybind) will bring up the inventory window.
  • Equipment portion on left will allow items to be dragged into the appropriate slot, with the middle character doll showing what the character looks like.
  • Inventory grid on right will allow an unlimited amount of items, with movement being limited if weight is greater than max amount.  All items will take one slot and show the amount being carried in their icon.  Inventory items can be dragged to other inventory slots, or dragged to an appropriate equipment slot.
  • Categories and search functionality will be active to better sort the items.
  • Initial favorite system will be implemented allowing you to set various loadouts of your left and right equipped items.  There are 10 favorite slots which can be toggled ingame via either the mouse wheel, or the 1 through 0 numeric keys.  We will be experimenting with a system in the future toggling left and right hand items independently, but we have not identified a user-friendly approach we’re happy with yet.
  • Digging out a block will add that block to your inventory and increase weight carried.
  • Blocks have a “required” item list that will limit what can affect it.  Punching a tree will have no effect.  Generally initial tools will either be available in the towns (as they are already established), or can be pieced together from rocks, branches, and leaves which can be picked up or easily broken off with your hands.
  • Placing a block will remove that block from your inventory and reduce weight carried.
  • Test NPC will be wandering around the area by the player using Dan’s new wander algorithm.  Wander will be useful for animals in farms and in the wild.
  • Test Stone Age tools and weapons will be automatically added to the player for testing purposes in order to interact with the terrain and test NPC.  They can be used in the inventory, and attached to either hand for use.
  • Proper animations will be added showing both hands in the air, a tool in only one hand (left or right), or tools in both hands.
  • Camera will be attached to the eye “bone” on the player model allowing it to follow the player’s movements more accurately.
  • Sound effects will be added to all appropriate systems.
  • Chunk bug where digging a block on the edge of a chunk will show void will be resolved.
  • OpenCL will be completely removed resolving the constant stutter and issues anyone is having due to the API.

We are aiming for v.07 to include all first/third person functionality in the game including combat, dialogue, interaction with NPCs/objects, quests, trade, and more.  v.08 through v.1 (Kickstarter build) will finalize the various RTS features (city building, civilization, and military) as well as the full culture simulation.

ETA for v.061 is roughly two weeks.  And as a reminder, we have a community Slack (http://www.slack.com) room for our fans.  Click here to read how to get invited and join us to discuss Imagine Nations with other members of our awesome community.

Thank you,

– The Imagine Nations Team


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    The v.061 build is just around the corner, and will look to finally shape Imagine Nations into the foundation of a “game” with the creative elements r
    [See the full post at: Upcoming Imagine Nations Build v.061]

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