Meet the Team: Stemp


Meet the Team: Stemp

Let’s meet Stemp, our Programmer.

Q & A

What is your role and what aspect of the game are you working on?

General programing. I’ve touched communications systems, audio, and animation so far.

Did any game(s) inspire you to shape any of the features or provide input in Imagine Nations? How so?

Wow, this is like asking an artist if a color of paint inspired their painting. I guess the list would look like Civilizations, WoW, FF7, Astro Empires, EvE online. Master of Orion 2(MOO), Shadowrun tabletop RPG, Minecraft, Anarchy Online(AO), Sim City 2000, This list does not indicate in anyway how I want the game to go. For example, if I was to look in how to build a complex machine: I would look at how EvE, MOO, AO, and Minecraft did things, and come up with something that incorporated an aspect of each of those systems.

As of right now, most of the stuff is still in the conceptual stages. So Idea’s come and go, and we try to see if an idea conforms with the overall idea of the game. Even a failed idea has some impact on a project such as this.

What game(s) influenced you the most? What impact did they have on you as a person today?

See list above.

It’s always interesting to see the world through other peoples eye’s. In everything there is always something that sticks out due to the fact that a particular person created it. If you change the people behind the scenes, then the game would fundamentally change in some way. Could be something as simple as placement of rocks to as complex as how the game mechanics work. For example, David Brevik is working on a game called Marvel Heroes. Through his experience in working with a particular approach to damage, he choose to break with conventional wisdom. His team worked for months trying to get things to work, but in the end he ended up going with the standard way of doing things. But watching the progress of the team trying to get the system to work was fascinating to me.

What is your favorite video game character?

Don’t really have one. Cloud is the closest… after he finishes his mental breakdown.

What game(s) are you playing when you are not working hard?

I look longingly at the icons of Marvel Heroes, Smite, and Batman Arkham Origins on occasion…

What is your favorite food and drink?

Mtn Dew (Ikr cliche’)

Hawaiian Pizza

Any last words?

A universe simulation? How hard could that be?


Community Forum Roundup #8

This week’s forum roundup focuses on the two new polls the team has posted.  One is for the “Backers” and the other one is for everyone to vote on.




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    Let’s meet Stemp, our Programmer. Q & A What is your role and what aspect of the game are you working on? General programing. I’ve touched communi
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