Meet the Team: Andrew


Meet the Team: Andrew


Let’s meet Andrew, our Programmer.

Q & A

What is your role and what aspect of the game are you working on?

At this point, I have largely investigated various technologies for implementation in our system and provided technical input and troubleshooting.

My official role will be working on the npc and cultural interactions, both between the system and the player, and between the culture and npcs themselves.

Did any game(s) inspire you to shape any of the features or provide input in Imagine Nations? How so?

Many games inspired me over the years.  Most are of a Sci Fi nature, but most fit largely into a common theme: exploration and interaction with the environment.  If only it were feasible, I’d incorporate the concepts from all of them into Imagine Nations, however, the resulting game would be largely unplayable.  As such, I am focusing on the principle aspects that matter most to me: exploration and interaction.

Exploration is the easy part.  There are many solutions out there that solve that problem.  That is why I am concentrating mainly on the interaction portion of the game…namely interacting with the cultures, and npcs.

What game(s) influenced you the most? What impact did they have on you as a person today?

I’ve been playing games since the original Atari 2600.  Asking what games influenced me most is something akin to asking a parent which child is their favorite.

Starflight / Starflight II
Star Control 2
Master of Orion Franchise
Wing Commander / Privateer Franchises
Battlefield franchise, particularly Battlefield 2142
Halo franchise
Command & Conquer franchise
Fallout franchise
The Elder Scrolls franchise

Can’t really say that they had an impact on me as a person.  They were fun, and inspired me to think of the possibilities the future holds.

What is your favorite video game character?

I really don’t have one.

What game(s) are you playing when you are not working hard?

Who has time to play?

Lately I’ve been playing fallout 3 again, and loading as many mods as I can without causing it to fail out of hand.

What is your favorite food and drink?

Mexican and Coke.

Any last words?

Not for a long time (I hope)!

Community Forum Roundup #11

The team is working very hard to get the first technical demo out to the pledge supporters.  We will have more updates next week in the “April’s Monthly Update.”  Keep spreading the word about the campaign.

Here are a few forum threads of note.



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