Meet the Team: Aleksander


Meet the Team: Aleksander

Let’s meet Aleksander, our Lead Designer.

Q & A

 What is your role and what aspect of the game are you working on?

I deal with the design aspect of the game. My main focus, overall, will be writing all the dialogues and making sure that the world “feels alive”, through the quests, social features and a few other things we cannot speak of yet. If an RPG’s main feature is its Story and Dialogue then for me designing an efficient system for both is my personal number one priority.

Did any game(s) inspire you to shape any of the features or provide input in Imagine Nations? How so?

A few popular titles, and as we go along with the discussion within our team I begin to draw a lot of inspiration from other games. To name a few big sources of inspiration: Dwarf Fortress, Neverwinter Nights series, The Guild 2, Crusader Kings 2 and the Elder Scrolls series. The problem with a game like Imagine Nations is that it tries to be many different genres into one, as such I need to reach out to different games to make it all work together.

What game(s) influenced you the most? What impact did they have on you as a person today?

Depends how far we go! I was a fan of Icewind Dale 2, Neverwinter Nights 1, Half-Life 1, many games that were present with me during my childhood, that introduced me into the world of gaming had a certain influence and charm over me. These days I have a hard time identifying with some titles. For example, whenever I see a Dungeon-like game I think Dungeon Keeper, but no game can live up to those expectations. Gene Wars, Theme Hospital and Transport Tycoon are similar titles. Games I will never forget about, and which do not appear to have equal today still.

What is your favorite video game character?

Hard to pick just one, especially in an age when you can make your own characters (who might as well be your faves). Out of the most recent video game characters whom I enjoy playing as I would have to say the Payday Gang, and from among them Chains. I do like how Overkill managed to make each of the characters feel unique, through the way they speak.

What game(s) are you playing when you are not working hard?

Neverwinter Nights 1. While the community has shrunk there are still a many servers, and I do linger on a few due to the RP I find on them.

What is your favorite food and drink?

Baked Beans on Toast. This is what five years in the United Kingdom do to you.

Any last words?

I like turtles.

Community Forum Roundup #9

We have posted a few news articles this week on our website.   We are working hard and making progress each week in our game development.



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    Let’s meet Aleksander, our Lead Designer. Q & A  What is your role and what aspect of the game are you working on? I deal with the design aspect o
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