Imagine Nations Build V.061 Released!


Imagine Nations Build V.061 Released!

It took a bit longer than expected due to personal commitments and holidays, but we have released v0.061 to our backers in the Steam beta program.  This build adds in the first of the necessary game logic systems while also resolving some performance issues.

New Features:

  • Inventory is now active with placeholder assets.  Attempting to dig any block type without the appropriate tool assigned will not work.  You can access inventory by hitting I (or whatever you key bind it to).  The grid on the right is all your available items, and you will begin with a pickaxe, a shovel, and a woodaxe.  At the bottom left of the equipment grid on the right are your primary (left click) and secondary (right click) slots.  Drag whichever tool(s) you want to use into those slots, and have at it.  Pickaxe will dig through any rock type (many have debug names on their texture), shovel will dig through any soil type, and woodaxe will dig through trunks, leaves, bushes, and plants.  Some rock types have a high hardness value and the pickaxe will not dig through them at all (should only be Granite right now).
  • Digging out a block adds it to the inventory.  The blocks can then be plugged into the primary or secondary slot to be placed down.  Note that we are temporarily using the actual block texture for the inventory so they do not fit the inventory grid.  Proper UI images like the tools will be added soon.
  • Dummy NPC will now attempt to find a nearby tree and cut it down.  They will attempt to path to it, face it, dig the base, and then remove it from the world.  All blocks are then added to its inventory.  This functionality will be expanded upon once the towns are in this week.  When not locating a tree, NPC will wander around in a defined radius.

Changed Features:

  • Terrain system is completely rebuilt.  Should generate the terrain much quicker while also having a lighter memory footprint.  Towns are temporarily removed until the new system is completed this week.
  • New terrain system supports any sized terrain object (trees, buildings, etc) and you will see various placeholder trees of varying sizes in the world along with smaller one block objects.
  • New terrain system utilizes many aspects of real-life geology including proper strata layers (proper layering of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rock), cave systems, and mineral veins.  Recognizing where various types of rocks meet will be a major benefit to the game moving forward.
  • OpenCL removed from the build completely.  Should resolve the last few issues with backers unable to get past the loading screen.  3rd party dependencies have ultimately been reduced to only the noise functionality necessary to generate the terrain which will work on any system.

Known Issues:

  • Hitting escape while in inventory will cause a crash.
  • Camera is a bit off due to not being properly attached to the animation’s head bone.
  • Swimming animation not in, so moving around when starting underwater (or falling in water) is a bit of a pain.
  • Universe saving is disabled until a bug with cell saving is resolved.  Also do not run any saved universes from the previous build as the terrain system has been completed changed.
  • Occasionally, terrain objects like trees will be chopped off on one side.  It is rare, and we’re looking into the cause.
  • Occasional crash during terrain generation.  Very random.
  • Occasionally terrain will stop generating indefinitely.  Very random.


Moving forward, and with the team regrouping and entering a stage of development where we can now focus on game logic instead of engine components, we are changing up our approach to both the builds provided to backers, and the community overall.  Starting this week, we will be pushing a nightly build to the Steam beta backer program each night if there has been anything checked in.  Backers will be able to see the progress that day from the backer Slack room (and we’re still inviting everyone to join to see what we’re doing in real time), and then test out the changes made.

If there’s anything noteworthy in the nightly build, a post will be made in the backer area breaking down what was changed, and getting input from the backers on any bugs or changes needed.  We especially want new game logic systems to be discussed in their own threads immediately so we can make changes early.  As such, there will be a post going up shortly with the inventory system and any input on its functionality (along with some screenshots of the final assets for it for comparison).

Weekly builds will be pulled from our stable build.  These will combine all changes made during the week along with as many bug fixes merged in from Andrew and the QA team, and generally include at least one new game logic feature (like dialogue, quest, combat, etc).

Next Milestone?

Our overall goal currently is getting the Pre-Historic build complete over the next two months.  Once our backers, and the IN team, are satisfied with both the content and the quality, we will begin our Kickstarter campaign to stabilize the rest of 2016.  We will be providing that build for free to anyone visiting the Kickstarter campaign to see exactly what has been done, and what this game is about.  While a nice trailer is great, nothing beats seeing the real thing.  Ideally, if we can hit our goal, the next year is completely covered for our team and we can look at the Classical build being ready by the holidays along with the remaining content for the Pre-Historic build (we’re going quality over quantity with the Kickstarter version and will need to flesh it out more afterwards).

Thank you,

– The Imagine Nations Team


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    It took a bit longer than expected due to personal commitments and holidays, but we have released v0.061 to our backers in the Steam beta program.  Th
    [See the full post at: Imagine Nations Build V.061 Released!]

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    Is that steam update only for certain users? I have the game on steam and I haven’t received an update…

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    Hey @jokermv27,

    I am working on an informational email with the password to access it.  It is in the beta section of the steam game where you can opt-in.   If you want to join our slack channel where we update everyone more quickly, you can pm me your email for an invite. I should have the newsletter out tonight/early tomorrow morning.

    Thank you,



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      Thanks @mike, for the prompt response and no rush i was just wondering if it was something at my end, and good to know about the slack channel I sent you the pm with my email.



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