Imagine Nations Build v.06 Released!


Imagine Nations Build v.06 Released!

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to announce that we have released V.06 of Imagine Nations on Steam to our Backers’.   This build has numerous changes and fixes since the last version.

Changelog – v0.06

New Features:
– Added fully working menu system to control all options in main menu including game (difficulty, autosave, and time between autosave), graphics (detail quality, resolution, gamma, windowed, v-sync, shadows, and view distance), controls (mouse sensitivity, mouse invert, and full key binding), and audio (master, music, and SFX volumes as well as mute functionality).
– Added universe menu to allow saving and loading universes.  Universes can be given a unique name and seed, can be loaded both when exiting to main menu or another play through, and deleted via the interface.  Universe options and universe modding have no functionality currently.
– Added pause menu to allow proper exit from game (no more Alt+F4!), exit back to main menu, and in-game options similar to main menu.  Save and load disabled until systems are in place, but game will save appropriately on exit at whatever state you leave it.
– Added game HUD with bars for health, stamina, and mana.  Added crosshairs to make it easier to see what you’re aiming at.  Added quest notifications, location notifications, and general dialogue notifications.  To test these out:
– DebugF4 key will damage player.
– DebugF5 key will heal player.
– DebugF6 key will use mana.
– DebugF7 key will recover mana.
– DebugF8 key will use stamina.
– DebugF9 key will recover stamina.
– Debug1 key will simulate a new quest.
– Debug2 key will simulate entering a new location.
– Debug3 key will simulate general dialogue in your area.
– Added health to blocks.  Holding down the attack key (left mouse button) will dig out the block under the crosshairs provided its within 5m.  Placing blocks still works using right mouse button.
– Added entity models for player and test AI (currently disabled but hanging out in the scene).  Animations are in but not hooked onto the entities yet.
– Added invisible torch to player’s left hand to make dark areas bearable.  Brightness currently defaults to realistic darkness.  If it is too dark, increase the gamma some in the pause menu.
– Added cell system to coordinate between chunks (real time area around player), terrain system (both the real time area and “cells” which contain the data used both to build chunks and for simulation to get necessary data), and planet system (persistent data such as cell resources, planet dimensions, and seed).
– Added simulation system to support all entities on the planet face.  Currently only the AI entity is hooked in but will properly shift to simulation mode if it leaves the viewing area, and return if within the player’s chunk radius.  Simulation can handle any number of entities and each entity will simulate when its turn is called (closer to the player, more often they update).
– Added light manager to coordinate all lights in scene, mainly for options purposes like shutting off shadows.  Will also be useful for recognizing light amounts around entities for AI purposes.
– Added first back of animation.  None hooked into meshes yet, but Mecanim has been created to begin the migration hopefully this coming week to support inventory.
– Added first batch of SFX.  Ambience bird sounds running in game.  The rest will be added over the next month.

Changed Features:
– Removed Unity’s options menu at start as options handled properly in game.
– Updated latest music from Ted to playlist while in game.  Also updated theme music to final version.
– Updated skybox to latest version and tweaked settings to optimize the look.  Some of the skybox features coupled with post processing may be a little over the top.  Need input from the community.
– Reduced day/night cycle to 5 minutes for testing purposes.
– Updated chunk system to be more memory friendly.
– Updated thread system to better support the game’s load.  Recent updates also make the game future proof, with the amount of threads balanced based on the amount of cores in a system.
– Begun migration to cells allowing terrain system to properly communicate with simulation.  Once complete, AI will be able to recognize resources in each cell during simulation, spawn all towns and entities through the entire planet face, travel between cells and towns, and enter/exit the real-time area appropriately.  This + camera system are the last two hurdles before the remainder of development focusing on game logic systems which are largely straightforward.

Upcoming Features:
– AI is currently hooked in but needs a bit more work before the entity will begin wandering around.  Once a few more updates are made to the terrain system, we’ll begin loading in the actual citizens around the starting town which will be running through appropriate daily schedules and allow interaction.
– Inventory is up next week.  This includes a fully working inventory window, the ability to equip items for armor, weapons, or tools, proper animations to hold blocks, tools, and weapons in hands, and the ability to pick up and drop items.
– Camera system will be updated to support first, third, and isometric views in normal game play.  Once these systems are running properly, we’ll be expanding to the various RTS views.
– Blueprints and barter will be up after inventory is working to allow the first interaction with AI via buying and selling items in inventory.
– This will lead to dialogue as the next system to allow proper conversations between the player and NPCs, and amongst themselves.

Known Bugs:
– Issues with recreating a universe (temporarily disabled).
– Issues with shadows flickering.
– Issues with shadows from blocks having lines between them due to shadow bias being off.
– Camera continues to clip through walls.
– Digging a chunk boundary will show empty space until another block is dug into the neighbor chunk.
– Intermittent crash to desktop during loading screen due to a bad value being passed to random function.
– Issues with windowed mode due to Unity 5 bug.  Expecting a patch from Unity to resolve shortly (temporarily disabled).
– OpenCL issues from before still causing problems for some folks.  We will be working to remove OpenCL asap as we continue to migrate to pure Unity functionality and reduce 3rd party dependencies.

Thank you,

The Imagine Nations Team


Other Notes: We have a community slack room for our fans.  Click here to read how to get invited and discuss our game with other members of our community.



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    Hello Everyone, We are very excited to announce that we have released V.06 of Imagine Nations on Steam to our Backers’.   This build has numerous chan
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