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    Hey guys. Just wanted to check and see if you still planned to work on this in the future? 😀

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    Seconding this! It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any news 🙁

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    I’m finally getting a bit more open time after a hectic holiday season (I am a manager at GameStop), and will be looking to post a New Year’s update on the status of Imagine Nations and our studio overall soon.

    To sum it up here, we’ve found that Imagine Nations is a project that requires a baseline level of funding to properly accomplish it. At the very least, having a team of a programmer, an artist, an audio engineer, and a designer that was working full time would move us forward to a build that would justify a funding campaign to get the full team on board. However, attempting to do this volunteer while also holding full time jobs is just not allowing us to make enough progress to get this to a state where we’re comfortable to launch, let alone a proof of concept. As such, we’ve had to look at what is reasonable with our limitations to generate funds, and that means much smaller projects that we can accomplish in a quicker time frame until stable funds exist for Imagine Nations.

    We’ve been working on a project called Warkeep which we’re looking to do a funding campaign for in the near future. This will be aimed at web and mobile platforms. We will be looking to cultivate this project and others to build up the funds to allow us to properly develop Imagine Nations. Until that time, any work on Imagine Nations will be sporadic at best.

    Obviously for our Imagine Nations backers, this is not what you’re looking to hear. But this is the reality of the situation, and its only fair to let you know versus making promises that we’ll eventually get Imagine Nations out working at a snail’s pace that might take 10 years just to get to the first proper build. We need to do this game properly, and its going to take steps to get there. We see Warkeep development indirectly as Imagine Nations development. By completing a handful of games and building a track record, we both strengthen our own abilities to complete games while providing the funds to produce Imagine Nations.

    When we have the necessary funds, we’ll let everyone know that Imagine Nations development is full speed ahead. Until then, we hope everyone will enjoy the games we’ll be producing until returning to it. For our backers, we’d like to find a way since you believed in us early to try these games while waiting for Imagine Nations to continue, and we’ll look to provide you access to these other games as we develop them.

    More information for Warkeep will be coming shortly.

    William Phelps - Lead Developer of Imagine Nations - -

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    Thank you very much for the information! It’s much better to hear anything at all honestly. Due to the lack of altogether news, I had assumed the worst, but i’m happy to know that your team still has it in their sights. Please take care of yourselves, and I for one am happy to wait as long as it takes for Imagine Nations. I’ll look forward to the information on Warkeep!

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    Thanks for the info guys. I wish you good luck and look forward to seeing what Warkeep is.

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    I believe in you guys! Everything looks good so far you guys are great

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