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    I am using Touch Script :!/content/7394 for touch detection and Interaction.
    And i bought this INBrowser to open the Google maps and other web pages inside my application.
    The example scene also doesn’t support the touch interaction link Zoom\Rotate etc in Google maps.
    So, is there any way in which i can do this?

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Thank You.

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    @dhaval: First off, INBrowser will only work on Windows. So it would only work through a Windows-based tablet, or some touch based interface through Windows on a PC.

    I just tested Google Maps through the normal interface and all functionality is working fine (such as zoom and rotate as you mentioned). INBrowser right now can only get direct input from Unity in the form of keyboard and mouse, and pass them over to the actual browser functionality. We pass any key pressed, mouse movement, and mouse buttons. If the mechanism to handle touch interface does not go through the built in Unity functions, it will not work. We also do not directly send or receive any Javascript if that is required.

    If you are handy with C#, the actual interface can be changed without any problems inside INBrowser.cs. You can see where we grab the current input from Unity and pass it over to our connector functionality which then runs it through the background browser and returns the latest image. If TouchScript expects to pass data differently, I would try that. You would have to convert the touch input into keyboard/mouse output (I would assume however TouchScript catches a touch would be converted into a mouse click of an appropriate button type, while moving the finger would be a mouse move).

    We have no immediate plans to support touch as this was meant, at least in the present, for Windows-based games using INBrowser for functionality like a Wiki. However since we do plan on eventually building more platform support, at some point we will need to add a proper touch interface to INBrowser.

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