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    With the full shift to Slack which provides us a much more streamlined process when developing Imagine Nations, we are pulling the plug on the community chat room on IRC.  To better support our community, we are inviting everyone to join the #general room within Slack which will be directly in the same service we’re using to build the game.  This room will function the same as the IRC room, allowing you to talk with the team, but it will also allow us to have various bots updating the room with the progress we’re making.  We can very easily show the various code check-ins, updates on the website, updates around the web, and any other information you’d like to see.

    I will need to send invitations out by email to get into the room.  If you want to get involved with this process (especially with the upcoming builds), please send me an email at and I will add you in.  This room is open to everyone, and will allow you to easily get through to the team in case our responses to the forum posts are few and far between.

    William Phelps - Lead Developer of Imagine Nations - -

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