Support Imagine Nations development!

Imagine Nations is a labor of love.  We've been working on the game for close to 3 years, and the entire team sees this as the game we've always wanted.  However, building a game (especially of this scale) requires a lot of effort and time.  Time has been the limiting factor in getting the prehistoric build released.  We have to juggle our time between our full time (or multiple) jobs to make an ends meet and the development of IN.  While we will persistently work on Imagine Nations until release, it has been a slow process.

However, you can help us by donating to the project.  All funds donated will be put towards contractor-based tasks that allow us to be completely transparent with how the funds are being utilized.  Whenever the donations reach enough to contract out a task to one of our team members, we will make that task and the team member public knowledge as well as its progression.  This is outside of the current backer program showing all of our progress.

We are getting close to the prehistoric build's launch, and with the help of our wonderful community, we can see that launch by the end of the year.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!