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An Update Long Overdue

It has been a long time since an update, and we feel its time to start explaining everything that will be happening over the next few months as we’re pretty excited about what’s been going on. When we were focusing […]


Imagine Nations Weekly Videos

We have begun a new weekly series of videos for Imagine Nations as we get closer to our Kickstarter release.  Each video will be focusing on a specific feature within our game.  The first two have been launched and get […]


Imagine Nations Build V.061 Released!

It took a bit longer than expected due to personal commitments and holidays, but we have released v0.061 to our backers in the Steam beta program.  This build adds in the first of the necessary game logic systems while also […]


Upcoming Imagine Nations Build v.061

The v.061 build is just around the corner, and will look to finally shape Imagine Nations into the foundation of a “game” with the creative elements realized.  This build will be adding the following features: Inventory system implemented.  Hitting “I” […]


Website Streamlined

In the interest of a more streamlined experience on the website coupled with a future crowdfunding campaign and a series of new builds on the horizon, we have made some adjustments to the website.  These adjustments include: General We will […]


Imagine Nations Developer Build V0.05 Released

We have pushed a new build to Steam for all of our backers.  We continue getting one step closer to having the required functionality in to leave the “tech demo” stage and enter the realms of an actual game.  As […]


Positions Open In Team

We are looking to expand the team and have a few programmer vacancies as well as a need for a 3D artist.  We’re looking for programmers that have experience using the C# programming language.  Experience with the Unity game engine […]


July “State Of The Game” Address

There has been a lot going on with the development of Imagine Nations, and we apologize for being as quiet as we’ve been.  A lot of the work being accomplished has been under the hood, so to speak, and there […]


Our New Website

Welcome to the brand new Imagine Nations website! As we are preparing to welcome a much larger number of users as we get ready to launch our initial releases, we are moving away from the older site to a website […]


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